iPhone - BLK Flag Edition

  • رز گلد
  • طلایی
  • مشکی
  • نقره ای
  • امارات
  • ایتالیا
  • سفارشی
  • سوئد
  • عربستان سعودی
  • قطر
  • کرواسی
  • 11pro


A collection for celebrating the beloved country, this iPhone 11 Pro edition is designed to be at once visually arresting and truly individual. BLK Edition is available in a range of exceptional materials.

The back-plate is expertly produced surgical graded stainless steel carefully mechanically engraved with Golden Concept’s Gulloché pattern, and will be available in PVD plated 24K gold, 18K Rise Gold, Jet black or just non-plated hand polished surface.

To make this phone easier to use we have added a strap made in crocodile leather, selected for the perfect grip and hand-finished for grain, structure and feel. Golden Concept will offer straps in different colors which allowsyou to change the strap whenever you feel for giving your phone a new look.

Names, initials or logotype can be engraved on the opposite side of the camera for additional $100, delivery time up to 6 weeks days from approved design.

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iPhone - BLK Flag Edition

رز گلد, طلایی, مشکی, نقره ای


امارات, ایتالیا, سفارشی, سوئد, عربستان سعودی, قطر, کرواسی




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